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About Us

Improving the quality of life through better environments…


We are family owned to provide personalized service, committed to quality which comes from our attention to detail to provide our clients a better value for your dollar spent, giving you a better return on your investment, making you happy with the result. We are versatile and flexible, tailored to fit your lifestyle, work style, and design preferences. Better workflow, better quality project, making your money work more so you can work less.


Our team, “through years of experience”, are excellent problem solvers, knowing how to handle unique and often difficult obstacles that arise on every project… more solutions = more savings…!

Being committed means taking ownership of every project, being prompt, on time, look to mitigate risks, address potential delays, minimize disruption to your routine living, decrease workflow disruptions, and ease the burden of difficult decisions by overcoming obstacles with less effort allowing you to “actually” enjoy the process.  Our centralized and integrated workflow systems allow us to communicate and track information utilizing technology clearly and reliably.  When everyone is on the same page, it is less likely to encounter miscommunication, on selections, timing, order of events, or any of the hundreds of other dependencies required to complete your unique project.

The Team

Ray Tropalof


Lead Carpenter

Lead Carpenter

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